The following terms and conditions apply to the Roast Club online store.

Product documentation

All the documentation of our products and their corresponding descriptions can be found on this web portal.

All coffees are sold only in beans. The coffee bags are hermetically sealed and have a degassing valve.


Responsibility over the product

Responsibility for the product is transferred to the customer once the package is delivered to the shipping company. Consequently, it is recommended that the client use the tracking service offered by the shipping company.



Payments made in the online store are made through the PAYCOMET payment platform by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express). The total amount will be deducted at the time of ordering.

Roast Club reserves the right to cancel orders without prior notice in case of incomplete order information, with technical errors, changes in taxable tax, sold out products and force majeure.



Deliveries are done through Correos Express (the national post service). Delivery times will be 24h – 48h after shipped, but may vary depending on the geographical location and the selected shipping method. We cannot guarantee specific shipping times.

We ship every Monday and every Thursday and the coffee is roasted in the last 8 days before shipping. Additionally, we always try to send the coffee as fresh as possible.



We roast the coffee every week and it is a fresh product whose quality depends on the storage time. Considering that the freshness and quality of our coffees is the main objective of our company, we consider that once the coffee is sold and shipped to a customer and for whatever reason it is returned to us, it will be considered a product that cannot be returned. to market in any way for having been manipulated outside our establishment.

That said, returns will be made in the following cases:

  • Error in processing the order by the Roast Club.
  • The customer, due to the responsibility of the shipping company, does not receive the order.

No returns will be made in the following cases:

  • The coffee / product is in optimal condition and the client does not want it for any reason other than Roast Club.
  • By absence at the time of delivery of the order (the shipping company will return the order if the end customer has not been able to receive it. The shipping company will call or send an SMS to the customer to specify a delivery time. If the company shipping cannot contact the customer, Roast Club will not be responsible).
  • When there is no error on the part of Roast Club or on the part of the shipping company.



For any type of claim about a product or service purchased on this web portal, the user should contact: